The Wheelhaus

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Why do I have to log in to use TheWheelhaus ?

The only way its possible to access your game library is by using the web api provided by Steam. The only thing that is Temporarily stored on the server is your steam ID and game list. I essentially have no way of benefiting from this.

Your Steam library not loading?

If your profile is private thewheelhaus cannot read your Steam Game library. Please make this public temporarily so thewheelhaus can read it.

Another option is the Steam webAPI is down.

Why can't I filter genre's?

The Steam WEBAPI doesn't have this feature. Only way I know of doing this, is somehow retrieving all steam games via scraping the site and storing it in a DB. (That's a lot)

Can I buy you a beer?

Sure! Beer money is awesome

How can I contact you?

You can email me at [email protected]